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2018, August

The first lift in the world equipped with touchless buttons has just been installed in France. This unprecedented technology, developed by Sequeris, offers a major advantage in terms of hygiene and ergonomics. It already attracts the industrialists. Thanks to this success, other applications fields combining Sequeris’ touchless technology with push buttons are already being considered.(click on the link).

​​​2017, July

Sequeris filled a patent for the integration of its touchless technology into a mechanical push-button.

By this ingenious combination, the user has the possibility either to touchless control the electronic device or to act as usual by pushing on the button.

A first application of this technology is the elevator's button, meeting the regulations constraints.

These touchless push-buttons can easily replace the traditional push-buttons.


2016, June

​Sequeris wins the special jury award for the call of projects from the Fédération Française des Télécoms called  « solutions d'accessibilité aux services de communication » (Access solutions for communication services) (click on the link).