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SEQUERIS has already applied its expertise by integrating its technologies in several products, thus demonstrating their integrability and their modularity.


-  3D-Touchless Technology:


  • Range of touchless switches and dimmers

  • Induction cooker, hood and multifunction oven integrating the touchless control mode


-  Integration of its variant 3D-Touchless NewGen :

  • Control panel for elevator, exclusively touchless

  • Control panel for elevator with dual controls: integration of the touchless technology into traditional push-buttons; the user will have the possibility either to touchless control the electronic device or to act as usual by pushing on the mechanical buttons.



-  3D-Sens Technology:

  • Dynamic shop window

  • Remote control of screens:

Television through an internet box

PC (Google Earth, Powerpoint, Angry Birds, multimedia player…)


Thanks to the flexibility and the modularity of its technologies, SEQUERIS can propose tailor-made developments to manufacturers wishing so, in order to perfect products meeting their needs.


Control panel for elevators

SEQUERIS has imagined a solution to apply the 3DTouchless technology to elevators, by associating its touchless technology to push-buttons.


By this ingenious combination, meeting the regulations constraints, the user will have the possibility either to touchless control the electronic device by keeping his finger a few centimetres away from the interface or to act as usual by pushing on the mechanical button.

Thanks to a high modularity in the software, protections against false manipulations will be integrated.


Two solutions are available for elevators:


A – Touchless interface integrated into the mechanical push-buttons

By this innovative and patented combination, it is now possible for the user to either to push on the mechanical button or to remotely interact with the control panel.


B – Touchless control panel without mechanical push-buttons

* A touchless control panel can be fully separates from the mechanical control panel.



Thus, interfaces integrating our technology offer many breakthrough features for the user:

  • Increases the hygiene

  • Increases the cleanliness and facilitate housekeeping

  • Works with gloves or wet hands

  • Has been tested in terms of robustness and reliability


Thanks to a high modularity in the software, protections against false manipulations will be integrated.

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Control panel for household appliances

SEQUERIS has developed an integration of its 3DTouchless technology in household appliances, increasing the hygiene and especially facilitating housekeeping.


The company has functional prototypes of induction cooker, hood and oven integrating the touchless control mode.

Control of induction cooker

Multifonction control of oven

Control of hood

Our validated technology can be fitted into a wide range of products

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One of the various applications of SEQUERIS is a range of touchless switches and dimmers. The range of our switches benefits from all advantages of Sequeris' touchless technology. To operate the device, just point the finger on the appropriate icon to control lightning, roller shutters, heating…


You will find below some examples from the range.

ON/OFF switch

VMC Control

Dimmer switch

Rolling shutter switch

Equipped with backlit icons or LCD screen, the range combines design, technology and ergonomics. The whole range can get self-powered by the stage, so that it can easily be installed in new or old building or by renovating. These devices can also control energy saving bulbs.

The interface is protected by a waterproof filter and can be used outdoors or in very humid conditions.

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Digital Signage

The Digital Signage is a modern communication tool that enables the barge to visualize and to remotely interact with multimedia contents displayed on screens inside the shop or behind a shop-window.


With its 3D-Box and thanks to its innovative technologies, Sequeris proposes a simple interactive solution that can be modulated to meet your needs.

Enhance your communication thanks to interactive dynamic dispalys

What are the benefits of Sequeris solution?

  • Allows to launch a video to maintain the attention of the potential customer as soon as a face is detected by the camera

  • Allows the barge to interact 24h/24 and 7d/7 with the display by reaching menus through touchtless buttons (products, sales promotions, news…)

  • Works through any kind of shop window (coated glass, athermic and double-glazing)

  • Allows statistical analysis of the most seen products


Associated to a webcam and 3D-Touchless input buttons, our software will detect the face of a passerby in front of the shop-window. As soon as the detection is confirmed by the software the system will launch a chosen video to attract the attention of the potential customer.

The customer will then immediately interact with the display thanks to the touchless input buttons in order to visualize the contents

The 3D-Box solution:


In order to make your shop-window interactive, Sequeris proposes a complete solution:


Fonctionnement :

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Control of your PC via a webcam

The patented 3D-Sens technology is a software solution allowing to detect faces, hands and/or fingers through a single webcam or front camera, already fitted on every smartphones, tablets and computers.


The software allows to detect and track a finger from one hand and their movements to emulate the mouse. To reach this result, many innovative images processing and images filters had to be developed.





Play your favorites applications
Emulate the mouse of your computer
Interact with your presentations
Control your media players (music and video)

The developed algorithms allow to capture a maximum of moving datas on an image to extract the chosen elements. The applications listed above show a detection of a finger and a hand but it is also possible to detect and track a head, a body or any other form we would have chosen in any prior notice.


The algorithms can also be used with an infrared or thermal camera for night vision or in low-light environment.

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Remote control of screens

Control your television via your internet box


Thanks to our detection and tracking touchless technology, it is now possible to control your television with simple gestures by means of your internet.

Gesture library

for various functionalities


Internet BOX

By connecting a 2D or 3Dcamera to the internet box and thanks to innovative algorithms, the user can remotely interact with the television to switch it on or turn it off, change the channel, increase or decrease the volume without any remote control.


The software is also able to detect faces, so that it can pause the box as soon as the user is no longer present in the room.


Developing this solution for your internet box will:

  • Enhance the user’s comfort of use

  • Provide a unique and innovative functionality to your box

  • Allow to propose ,an universal gesture langage

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Contact commercial :

Mail : info@sequeris.fr

Tél : +33(0)6 69 02 14 98

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Our touchless patents have been granted in Europe, US and Japan. 

2018, August

The first lift in the world equipped with touchless buttons has just been tested in France. This unprecedented technology, developed by Sequeris, offers a major advantage in terms of hygiene and ergonomics.

​​​2017, July

Sequeris filled a patent for the integration of its touchless technology into a mechanical push-button.

By this ingenious combination, the user has the possibility either to touchless control the electronic device or to act as usual by pushing on the button.

A first application of this technology is the elevator's button, meeting the regulations constraints.

These touchless push-buttons can easily replace the traditional push-buttons.


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