The company owns patented technologies :

  • 3D-Touchless®, detection and acquisition from 1 to 10cm

Proven technology based on low-cost infrared sensors.

Applications: housing, medical facilities, multimedia, industry…

  • Variant: 3D-Touchless New Gen®, detection and acquisition from 1 to 10cm

This innovation has the advantage to integrate our Touchless technology 3D-Touchless into a mechanical push-button.

Applications : elevators, cash dispensers, digicode…

  • 3D-Sens®, detection and acquisition from 10cm to 3m

Based on innovative algorithms.

Applications: housing (disabled people), multimedia market (video games), Smart TV, digital signage…

Advantages of pour technologies :

3D-Touchless technology

The first innovation of 3D-Touchless is the triangulation of the position of an object in the 3 dimensions, a hand or a finger from 0 to a few centimeters from a set of low-cost infrared sensors.

3D-Touchless' major breakthrough lies in its unique positioning of sensors associated with a specific algorithm for image processing.


The user interface looks like an usual tactile interface (black background with backlit red buttons):

SEQUERIS has imagined a solution to apply the 3D-Touchless technology to elevators / Cash dispensers or digicodes (for example), by associating its touchless infrared technology to push-buttons.


By this ingenious combination, meeting the regulations constraints, the user will have the possibility either to touchless control the electronic device by keeping his finger a few centimetres away from the interface or to act as usual by pushing on the mechanical button.


Thanks to a high modularity in the software, protections against false manipulations will be integrated.

3D-Touchless and its variant 3D-touchless-NewGen, a space-saving solution, can easily be integrated into many high added value products such as:

  • Televisions, smartphones, digital tablets,

  • Control panels in elevators

  • Digicodes,

  • Cash dispensers,

  • Household appliance with digital control

  • Dimmer switches,

  • Medical devices (surgery lights, healthcare bed…


Why would you choose 3D-Touchless?


Our patented technology offers major advantages in terms of:

  • Integrability into various products (industry, household appliances, multimedia…)

  • Software modularity (adjustments of delays, distances, intelligent grid)

  • Unlimited selection of pictograms


Thus offer many breakthrough features for the user:

  • Increases the hygiene

  • Increases the cleanliness and facilitate housekeeping

  • Works with gloves or wet hands

  • Has been tested in terms of robustness and reliability

3D-Touchless will allow you to make the difference with competitors thanks to an innovative technology opening new perspectives

3D-Sens Technology

Users tend to look for a more intuitive way of remotely interacting with multidimensional displays.


Sequeris designed and developed an innovative patented software for image processing that allows the user to interact with a computer or a tablet through a standard webcam. This allows to emulate the mouse and to perform simple tasks (tracking, simple click, double-click, displacement of folder…).

Thanks to its adaptability and its modularity, the software integrates an extendable gesture library.


Exemple of gesture library :

Sequeris propose to make this technology available for telecoms companies, in order to remotely interact with televisions (volume, channels…) through their respective boxes.


Several markets are targeted with Sequeries 3D-Sens (non-exhaustive list) :

  • Multimedia market: televisions, music centres, smartphones, digital tablets,...

  • Video games' market: joysticks

  • Home automation market: support for disabled people

  • Robotic market: 3D detection of objects, detection of obstacles

  • Digital signage: dynamic shop window displays, LCD communication screens



Why would you choose 3D-Sens? 


3D-Sens brings a wide range of benefits in comparison with the similar technologies only using image processing softwares or with thus needing an added hardware:

  • No added hardware required

  • No calibration problem

  • No sensitivity to ambient infrared brightness

  • Increased detection accuracy

  • Wider range of detection distance:

  • Wide range of functionalities


Through its original algorithms, 3D-Sens constitutes a breakthrough technology offering wide perspectives to be used in many consumption products.


Contact commercial :

Mail : info@sequeris.fr

Tél : +33(0)6 69 02 14 98

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Our touchless patents have been granted in Europe, US and Japan. 

2018, August

The first lift in the world equipped with touchless buttons has just been tested in France. This unprecedented technology, developed by Sequeris, offers a major advantage in terms of hygiene and ergonomics.

​​​2017, July

Sequeris filled a patent for the integration of its touchless technology into a mechanical push-button.

By this ingenious combination, the user has the possibility either to touchless control the electronic device or to act as usual by pushing on the button.

A first application of this technology is the elevator's button, meeting the regulations constraints.

These touchless push-buttons can easily replace the traditional push-buttons.


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